Horns | Joe Hill

Horns was not what I expected. Going into this, I prepared myself for all matters of scariness – from jumpscares to gore. Because that is what horror is, right? I think you can tell now that I’m not exactly a horror aficionado, I haven’t seen any of Wes Craven’s films for example.

But what Horns is – is this deep, beautiful chaotic mess that deals with the case of losing the person who you love the most in this dredge of a world. And it’s in this love story, this examination of Ig, the man who lost his girlfriend – that the novel shines.

Horns is about a man called Ig Perrish, who is devastated after the loss of his beloved Merrin who was raped and murdered – but not by him. And yet, despite no evidence to show that he was the murderer – public opinion still holds him accountable. So, when one day he wakes up with horns on his head and the ability to know everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets, he uses this as an opportunity to find the person who killed Merrin.

Ig was a fascinating character, this person who for all his life tried to be noble and do everything right – finds that this only creates more pain – and uses his new powers to exact revenge…On everyone.

Although somewhat disturbed by some of the things he did to exact revenge, a little piece of me hungered for more. It was fun, devilish and exciting. And I was intrigued by the use of Christian elements to explore this new side of Ig: devils, snakes, horrible confessions etc etc.

But as I mentioned before, the highlight of the novel was the love story and how that affected Ig. I felt for him, hoped he got his dues as the novel explored Merrin and Ig’s relationship. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, it had flaws – but it was the crux of the story and it was absolutely beautiful. So much, that I nearly had tears in my eyes by the end of the novel.

I also enjoyed the interactions with the murderer, which were some of the creepiest moments in the novel.

However, was I scared/frightened/wetting my pants as an reaction to this novel? No, but that’s fine. I was definitely creeped out, and the suspense was exhilarating. And I really enjoyed it – and that’s what counts in the end.

So thank you Joe Hill for introducing me to the reading world of horror, it was a pleasant introduction.

I give Horns 4/5*