A Few Favourite Australian Authors


G’day all! Today is Australia Day – a day of which I’m celebrating by drinking French Earl Grey tea and day dreaming of being transported in time to Regency era England. /very. Australian. of. me/

So this post is being published to console the patriotism gods. Whom, I think would prefer me to be outside cooking snags and listening to Aka Daka. Erggh, no.

As this is sort of a book blog, I thought I might note a few of my favorite Australian authors and their books. None of which are set in Australia – sorry patriotism gods!

Jennifer Fallon – world building extraordinaire


I have read 10 of this lady’s ever growing backlog of books, mainly because Fallon is wonderfully gifted at worldbuilding. From the Hythrun chronicles, a political family drama to The Tide Lords series, a somewhat weird but epic story about gods who love to get up to mischief.

Recommended starting point: Wolfblade (drama, politics, magic, gods).

Garth Nix – teen bookish heart throb


Garth was one of those go to authors when I was in my teens. The Abhorsen series? Awesome! The Keys to the Kingdom? Fun! The Seventh tower? Cool! (Basically how I described things in my teens). 

Recommended starting point: Sabriel (magic, talking cats, terrifying deathly things).

Kate Forsyth – historical fiction eclair


I’m kind of addicted to Kate Forsyth, an author who easily pulls out riveting historical dramas out of somewhere. Plus she blends two of my favorite things: fairytales and historical fiction. Rapunzel! The Grimm brothers! Beauty and the Beast! Oh my! She also has some fantasy series under her belt as well – which I definitely will be trying in 2016.

Recommended starting point: Bitter Greens (Rapunzel, a French novelist, witches, nuns).

Hope you enjoyed this post and happy reading!