You can call me Liv. I’m indeed immortal and short of 2000 years old. I have seen almost everything of course. Vlad the Impaler was quite a charmer and Lizzie Bathory loved tea. I also live in the land down under, tv tropes explains it well.

Jokes aside, let’s say I’m a voracious reader with an appetite for historical fiction and fantasy. I love chai lattes, tea and scones with cream and jam – and now this is turning into a food blog. I’m also a keen movie goer, and a writer, and a video game geek.

I would love to discuss all sorts of interests on this blog – so let’s keep this simple and say anything goes?

Review Policy

Currently I am not accepting books for review.

When I do though, ebooks only, preferably in MOBI format. But please note I will give a honest review so only send them to me if you’re sure I’ll love it or willing to live with it if I don’t. I prefer books with strong worldbuilding and characters.

Also I’m terrible at submitting reviews in a timely manner, as I generally read books based on my mood and I have a lot of books to read.

Preferred Genres:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction

Feel free to send me an email at thequirkylibrary@gmail.com



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