So Not Bookish: Outlander, Black Sails and More

March was a pretty good month for me – from fantastic historical fiction TV shows to superb storytelling in video games.

TV Shows

The Mindy Project


I rarely watch American comedy shows – partly because they rarely cater to my sense of humor and mainly because I generally don’t like the characters. The Mindy Project has changed that for me, I absolutely adore the characters on the show and the zany issues they tend to get themselves in. The comedic timing works, the character chemistry works, I love the outfits and the wonderful (although definitely not perfect) Mindy. All I want is to spend a day, week, month etc with the characters from Morgan to Danny to Beverly. This is one of the most charming TV shows I’ve seen and I cannot wait to get started on season 4.



It was to my glee that I found Outlander on Netflix Australia, as I’ve read the novel it’s based on and was excited to see how it was adapted. And honestly so far I’m enjoying it more than the novel. It’s toned down on the jumbly parts of the novel that annoyed me and has highlighted the beauty of the Scottish highlands, the tension of being stranded in another time and the romance. I love the casting of Claire, Jamie, Dougal, Frank and more. It’s actually inspired me to read the rest of the book series despite hesitation years ago after I had finish the first novel. Basically – if you love historical fiction as I do with jolt of romance and time travel, you might love it too.

Black Sails


I love pirates. I love reading about pirates (Cinnamon and Gunpowder, Frenchman’s Creek), I love watching movies about pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Planet) – I just love pirates. No wonder I had to watch Black Sails, sort of a prequel to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. And although it’s based off a children’s classic, it’s anything but child friendly. Black Sails follows Captain Flint (played by Toby Stephens, who I cannot help but call Mr Rochester) and his quest to rebel against the law. There are bloody duels, sex, weird drug trips and the ever so charismatic John Silver. I haven’t finished the first season yet but I can already tell I’m in for the long run.

Video Games

Beyond: Two Souls


It’s my mission to get more people into video games, but sometimes the game mechanics can appear too hard and the general idea that all games are shooters is hard to quash. But I think Beyond: Two Souls would appear to any lovers of storytelling. This is a choice and consequence game – where you guide your own way through the story, a story about a woman called Jodie who is linked to some sort of entity called Aiden (think ghost). A story that will make you laugh, cry (and completely invest in) as you navigate Jodie from childhood through tragedy after tragedy – facing difficult choices. The game mechanics are easy – great for beginners. I adored this game and I think I’ll play it again to see how different choices change the direction of the story. Also I shouldn’t forget the characters are played by awesome actors such as Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and Eric Winter.

So what were your non-bookish favorites in March?



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