So Not Bookish: Firewatch, History Buffs and More.

Here comes a new series! So Not Bookish is a monthly post about all the things I’ve enjoyed that are not book related.




Deadpool was easily my favorite movie of the month – it knew exactly what it was and was incredibly hilarious and fun to watch. Most of the time superhero films tend to be quite droll and uninspired, I can only really say the most recent X-Men film and Captain America: Winter Soldier are movies in this genre that I really enjoyed. So let’s add Deadpool to that already short list.

TV Shows



Broadchurch Season Two finally came to Netflix Australia, hooray! I loved this season despite the naysayers – it was broody, intense and depressing at times. The court scenes. The new mystery centralized around two young murdered girls. And of course the dynamic between Hardy and Miller – fantastic! If you are a sucker for crime dramas, particularly in small coastal towns – this is definitely the show for you.

Video Games



This is a wonderful little narrative focused video game that moved me to tears. Here you play Henry, a fire lookout in the wildness of Wyoming, who during the course of the game uncovers clues about mysterious occurrences in the vicinity. His/Your only communication – a woman called Delilah based in another watch tower. I loved interacting with Delilah, the voice acting was spot on and the game looks so beautiful. If you are looking for a narrative based game, or want to try gaming for the first time I would really recommend Firewatch.


History Buffs


Thanks to the power of Reddit I’ve found a new favorite Youtube channel. History Buffs is essentially about dissecting historical films and whether the history presented in the film is up to scratch. These are incredibly high produced videos with awesome intros and that are funny, easy to watch and full of interesting facts about history. Now I really need to watch Waterloo!

So what were your favorite non-bookish favorites in February?


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