A Few Favourite Youtubers

So how do I like to spend my free time?

  • Read a book (I’m looking at you Sense and Sensibility).
  • Watch a TV Show on Netflix (Broadchurch, oh my!)
  • Listen to a podcast (Galactic Suburbia, all the wonderful examinations of pop culture).
  • And Youtube.

It’s not only a place for cat videos and children being dicks – but a place for discussion and adventure and a look into the exquisite nature of human lives.

And here are a few of the wonderful channels I love and adore and are addicted to:

Simon and Martina


I’ve been following this Canadian couple for awhile now – their adventures in South Korea, their cute fuzzy pets called Spudgy and Meemers, a few KPOP videos here and there and their fun, wacky humour. This is a great channel for learning about the hotspots around South Korea, for food and travel. However they’ve just moved to Japan and I cannot wait to see more their content, particularly Martina revving up her Sailor Moon love.

Suggested videos: Gong Cha Bubble Tea | Korean Stereotypes on Foreigners | What to Do in Busan

Books and Quills


For all the lover of books, books, books – that’s why you are here on this blog, right? Filmed by a lovely Dutch lady called Sanne who lives in London, this is a great place to drool over beautiful covers, envy her perfect eyeliner skills and get way too many book recommendations that you can handle.

Suggested videos: How Do Book Covers Work? | Room Tour | 5 Graphic Novel Reviews



Are you looking for an awesome, witty human in your life? Well, Lex is it. She never fails to make me smile, laugh and completely agree with her sentiments. She tends to talk about a whole range of subjects: Vegans, Books, Feminism, Geekiness etc This is a great channel to subscribe to if you need a dose of sarcasm every now and again.

Suggested videos: Teen Cersei Lannister | What Your Favorite Tea Says About You | Dear Prince Harry

Good Game


I don’t follow a lot of gaming channels – as I’m very selective. But if you are looking for gaming videos that are funny, to the point and so entertaining to watch – that you literally starve for them every day, this one I’d recommend. Good Game is the web show spin off to the popular Australian TV Show – frontlined by the ever charismatic Nichboy, who is so quotable that the community loves to make memes about him. Despite loving the TV Show, I’ve actually come to enjoy the webshow even more.

Suggested videos: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes| Rock Band 4 | Fallout 4 Character Creator

So what are your favourite youtube channels?


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